Wilkes Community College*

Wilkes CC
1328 S. Collegiate Drive
Wilkesboro, NC

Parking: Parking permit is not required. Park in authorized, designated areas. Handicap tags are required for all vehicles parked in spaces designated for the handicapped. Do not park in spaces designated as fire lanes, loading or reserved.  If Students who come to the campus before 5pm (to use the library, browse the bookstore, etc.) should park in student parking, not visitor parking.  If they arrive after 5pm then faculty, student, or visitor parking is acceptable.  Under no circumstances should they use RESERVED or HANDICAP unless they have a handicap placard. 

Computer LogIn and Technology: Login auto populates, PW: Student. Technology in the classrooms should not be disconnected. Wilkes has an IT person on campus until at least 6pm M-Th. If you would like to schedule a time to meet with Wilkes IT staff to gain instruction of the technology, please contact the Distance Ed Office to make arrangements.

Security: 336-838-6274, radio 336-838-6275, M-Th until 12:00 am. Friday and Saturday emergencies: call 336-838-6275.

Emergency Preparedness Plan: http://www.wilkescc.edu/images/Content/Informational_Links/Campus_Safety_And_Security/Emergency_Response_Plan_2007.pdf

Room Lockout: Daytime--Melanie Staley, Evening/Weekend--336-838-6129 or security (see above)

Weather Closure/Cancellations:  Alert sign up is not available to non-WCC students.  Visit www.wilkescc.edu for more.

Conduct Policies:  As an Appalachian State University student or faculty member you are subject to all ASU Policies regardless of the location where you receive or deliver ASU course work.  You may also be subject to the policies of the site where ASU classes are held.  Click here to access Student Conduct Policies.  Click here to access the complete Appalachian State University Policy Manual.

Detailed Facility Description: