What is DegreeWorks?

DegreeWorks will show you your unofficial transcript, help you determine your overall GPA, predict your GPA for the current term and create a plan for your academic future. Use your Appalachian login and Banner ID to log into Appalachian's free, degree-requirement tracking and planning tool.

DegreeWorks can be accessed through AppalNet, or by going directly to the DegreeWorks Login page.


  Frequently Asked Questions

How current will my information be in DegreeWorks?

  • The information in DegreeWorks is refreshed each night. Any changes made today (e.g., grade changes or classes added//dropped) will be seen in DegreeWorks tomorrow.

What do I do if I believe my academic information is incorrect?

  • You should consult your academic advisor for a review of your audit. 

There are a lot of courses listed in the Fallthrough section. Why?

  • This can be for a number of reasons.  If a student has changed majors courses that once counted may no longer be required by the new major.  Students may have taken more elective courses than required by the major.  Students may be pursuing a minor they need to officially declare.  Additionally, transfer students and students who have fulfilled General Education in some way will typically have courses in this section, as they may not apply directly to specific degree requirements.

What do I do with courses in the Fallthrough section?

  • It is important to review courses in this section as well for potential substitutions and to ensure the audit is functioning properly.  If you find a  course in the Fallthrough section that may satisfy a General Education or major requirement, please contact your advisor.

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