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All about AppalNet

Learn how to get your username and password for AppalNet, find your Banner Student ID number, and access your email account.

Getting Your Username and Password for AppalNet

Newly admitted undergraduate students can access AppalNet using their username and password for their Appalachian email account.  Newly admitted graduate students will receive their username and initial password information from the Graduate School.  Returning students (after a stop-out period) should contact Tech Support at 828-262-6266.  Passwords can be changed using the Password Manager.

Login Problems

Students who experience problems when trying to log in to AppalNet for the first time, should click on the “browser” icon in the right menu.

About Your Email Account

Your university-issued email account should be used for all official communication with university offices and personnel.  You may opt to forward your messages to another account. However, any communications TO university offices and staff should be sent directly from your official email account.

Getting Your Banner/Student ID Number

Each admitted student is assigned a unique Student Id Number (SID) that links all administrative, financial and academic records in the student information system (Banner).  The SID, sometimes referred to as the Banner ID or the ID number, is used to gain access to secure information (such as grades & student account records) and online procedures.  Students are encouraged to protect their SIDs and to write the number down in a safe place for reference until it has been memorized.  The unique Banner ID is provided by mail to new graduate students from Academic Computing Services following confirmation of attendance.  The form also provides instructions for initial AppalNet access and Password reset.

Forgotten your Banner ID?  Follow these steps to find it:

  1. Log into AppalNet
  2. Enter your "username" (the first part of your email account).   
  3. Enter your password
  4. Click on the “Personal Information" tab
  5. Click on “Display Banner ID” link to view your Student ID (SID) number.