Teacher Education Program Requirements

Admission Requirements

Education degree students must meet the College of Education "Teacher Education" requirements by a specific deadline within the cohort schedule (typically within the first year of the program). Students cannot continue in the cohort beyond the deadline until ALL requirements (listed below) for formal admission to Teacher Education are met.

  1. Submission of acceptable Praxis I or Praxis CORE scores (allow at least 4 weeks for the scores to be received from ETS)
  2. Total college credit hours of at least 45 semester hours (transfer hours + Appalachian courses)
  3. Completed at least 12 semester hours, and a minimum 2.7 cumulative GPA (2.5 for those who enrolled prior to Fall 2016), on Appalachian State University coursework.
  4. Completed CI 2300 and FDN 2400 and an equivalent of ENG 1000 (ENG 111) with minimum grade of "C" ("C-" is not sufficient)
  5. No Incomplete, "I", grades
  6. Current (no older than 6 months) Criminal Background Check (students will be prompted to initiate this process after all other requirements listed above have been met)
  7. Completed and submitted Application for Admission to Teacher Education (PDF)


One of the requirements for formal admission to Teacher Education is the PRAXIS I test. Students should not delay preparing for and taking the PRAXIS I as teacher education programs have deadlines by which acceptable scores must be presented in order to progress (register for additional coursework) in the program. The general recommendation is that students attempt the test before beginning their upper division coursework at ASU, as preparing for the test and taking it are nearly the equivalent of an additional 3 semester hour course. Priority consideration for initial enrollment in the cohort is given to students who have met the Praxis I requirement.

Required Scores

Taking the test

The most current, comprehensive information on all locations, dates, registration, cost and financial assistance for the Praxis I test is available by visiting ETS Praxis Series. Students may take the test at any location provided. Students who wish to take the computer-based test at Appalachian's main campus should contact Appalachian's Testing Center at 828-262-6801. Students interested in taking the paper-based version should note that the paper-based version of the test is offered only once or twice per semester in a very limited number of sites; please refer to ETS Praxis Series for these locations and dates.

It takes approximately 4 weeks for official score reports to be received by Appalachian regardless of where the test is completed. Scores are no longer emailed or mailed via UPS.  Students are required to set up an account and are responsible for checking their accounts after three weeks to access their official scores.  The electronic score report is available for a limited time.

PRAXIS I resources through Appalachian

Learning Assistance Program (Includes information on online resource and details on who is exempt from this test)

Search the Appalachian Library catalog: "Pre-Professional Skills Tests Study Guides". 

PRAXIS Disability Accommodations

Visit Accommodations for Test Takers with Disabilities and Health-related Needs