Registration Process & Instructions

New Students (first semester of admission)

App State Online will provide registration information and guidance as needed.

Currently Enrolled Students

Students will receive a "Registration Notice" email from App State Online. The email will be sent ONLY to the student's official university email account ( It will give the registration "window" (the dates when the registration function is open) and provide a link to instructions.

Students should follow the steps in the email to register for courses and should note the dates for registration, for drop/withdrawal, and for refunds as ignorance of the deadlines and procedures does not constitute grounds for appeal.

Students receive a registration notification and reminder email (to their official university email accounts) each semester from App State Online. The email provides the inclusive registration dates along with links to the web pages and information that students need to accomplish registration. Access to the Undergraduate Student registration system for the purpose of entering course registration requests is based on classification and total earned hours (institutional and transfer). Students will be able to access registration on the day, at the time assigned to students with the same status and number of earned hours. Accrued earned hours may be viewed via the Check Your Registration Status link in AppalNet (see steps below). Graduate students may register at any point during the inclusive registration dates after they receive the registration notification and reminder email.

All students should be aware that although seats are available in distance education courses for each student admitted to a cohort, those seats are guaranteed only to students who register during their appointed time. Seats not taken during the registration period (provided in the registration notification email) will be available for non-cohort members to fill.

General Registration Steps

  1. Access the schedule of off-campus courses via the link provided in the registration notification email.
  2. Select the appropriate link (Undergraduate, Graduate, Individual Courses)
  3. Find the applicable cohort in the list
  4. Make a note of the 5-digit Course Reference Number (CRN).
  5. Textbooks: Click here for detailed information about purchasing textbooks.
  6. Log into AppalNET by entering the assigned Username and Password (You must register via AppalNET)
  7. Click on the Self-Service tab
  8. Click on the Student tab
  9. Click on the Registration link
  10. Click on Check Your Registration Status to view any holds or class permits/over-rides that have been submitted
  11. Select the Drop/Add Classes link from the Registration Menu
  12. Enter the CRN for each course
  13. Click Submit
  14. Log out of AppalNET

Following registration, students should:

  • Pay tuition and fees by the stated deadline. Failure to pay tuition and fees by the deadline will result in cancellation of all registrations
  • Be familiar with the refund policies and deadlines
  • Take note each semester of drop/add and withdrawal dates on the academic calendar and the refund schedule and the final refund eligibility for dropped classes while retaining at least one course
  • Drop or withdraw from courses DIRECTLY via AppalNET (until deadline for doing so) or by following directions on the Course Drop/Withdrawal webpage

Click here for general information about Drop/Withdrawal/Refunds

Click here for information about Main Campus classes

Registrar's FAQ provides quick answers to many commonly asked questions and links to resources. Students are encouraged to review the FAQ and to bookmark the page.

Find your class/es in the Off-Campus Schedule of Classes